The Reconstruction of the Municipal House, Prague

Basic information

Locality: Prague, Czech
Contractor: Obecní dům

Description of project:

An extraordinary difficult reconstruction of the Municipal House recovered the social, cultural and representative usage of this Prague Art Nouveau pearl by preserving the impression of historical interiors with rich representation of arts and crafts. A patriotic heritage of the period, the palace of "The Municipal House“ has been returned to Prague – for future generations – i.e. an object with no analogy in its representative showisness and function in any other European capital.  The reconstruction of the  "Municipal House“ has indisputably increased the prestige of the municipal authorities and of the capital, and it has contributed to the development of the cultural and social life as no other "house“ of our republic. The structure has been awarded an exceptional award  "STAVBA ROKU 97" ("The Structure of the Year  '97") for preserving the cultural heritage.

From the point of view of the volume, character, and speed of work it was one of the most important reconstructions completed in the Czech Republic within the last period. The finished work is also extraordinary by the fact that this demanding reconstruction done under difficult conditions in the centre of Prague has been handed over in an exceptional quality of all completed work, meaning new thechnology sets and machinery or large restauration work of all kinds, with sensitive attitude of the supplier and other participants in the reconstruction to the values of the care of historical monuments.  This very difficult reconstruction has been completed with the help of the latest technologies and knowledge so that it preserved all valuables and the impression of the exterior and interior of the period of their origin. All rooms of the object have been restored very particularly in accordance with the archives, period pictures and newspapers. Some technical devices of that time have been, on the other hand, replaced by modern thechnology of the present days.

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