Shopping and entertainment M5 Mall Centre

Basic information

Locality: Ryazan, Russia
Contractor: Ryazan Shopping Mall

Description of project:

The complex is located near key federal road M5 Moscow – Chelyabinsk by the Ryazan exit. The total area of the shopping and entertainment center is 70,000 m2and it offers a wide range of goods and services of some of the best international and Russian brands, in line with similar centers in Europe. In the complex there is for example a hypermarket, electronic store, shopping passages and several scenes for marketing events. In addition to shops and restaurants there is also a multiplex cinema with unique 7D technology and a kids club. The complex has a large parking area for 2,500 cars to ensure comfortable access by private transport.

The mall is sectionalized by two longitudinal and three cross shopping passages. The interior is designed to offer its visitors a bright, pleasant place for relaxed shopping and leisure. The intersections of passages formed large circular areas. Long straight passages are optically divided into shorter sections by small circular areas. The elliptical centre in the middle of the building serves as a rest area surrounded by food court. The elliptical center is accented with three fountains and it is lit with roof skylights.

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