Printed circuits factory handed over in Dubna

June 29, 2015 - Press news

The city of Dubna, usually known as the Russian Silicon Valley, lies about 125 kilometres to the north of Moscow. The "Silicon Valley” name is certainly in keeping with a contract recently handed over by the Export Division of PSJ, joint stock company, which built, supplied the technology for and put into operation a “turn-key” production complex that will introduce advanced technology for and the prototyping of printed circuit boards at the special local economic zone.

Printed circuits factory handed over in Dubna

One of PSJ’s largest export contracts was contractually commenced in October 2012, with building work itself beginning in July 2013. The factory was approved for occupancy at the end of last year. “We then had to undertake the demanding process of rectifying defects and arrears of work, connecting technological units to underground services and carrying out building work arising from problems involved in coordinating building and technology projects. The building part of the contract culminated on 30th April 2015 and technology was installed a month later. June, meanwhile, was set aside for individual tests of technological equipment so that the premises could be definitively handed over to the client for use by 30.6.2015,” explains Project Manager Tomáš Hrnčíř in relation to the basic deadlines.

The work cost some EUR 46.21 million, with PPF Bank providing the export financing. More than half of the total amount was accounted for by supplies of “made-to-measure” production technology units for the new plant, which made their way to Dubna from almost all over the world. The production complex was built on land covering an area of over 2.34 hectares and comprises the production hall itself and administration buildings. The work provided also took in the laying of hard surfaces, roads and pathways within the complex, and landscaping.

The cellared, two-storey administration building stands on a ground plan covering 286 square metres. The monolithic structure is walled with circumferential prefabricated masonry panels and the façade consists of a system of composite coffered panels with a ventilation gap and thermal insulation. The two-storey production hall is partly cellared. This basement area is intended for the technology used at the treatment plant for technological waters for the whole of the production line. The actual production hall was built on a lot of 7,000 square metres and has 12,140 square metres of floor space. The core of the plant is found on the ground floor of the hall, where production areas are located with all technology for the actual production of printed circuit boards, the required facilities, such as laboratories, clean areas and social amenities for employees. A canteen, changing rooms and offices and the air-treatment technology machine room are located on the second overground floor.