OAO Lenexpo exhibition hall in St. Petersburg, Russia

Basic information

Locality: Petrohrad, Russia
Contractor: OAO „Lenexpo“

Description of project:

Construction of the large Exhibition Hall for organizing expositions/fairs in St. Petersburg represented the return of PSJ to the Russian market after more than seven years.

The new hall solves the major lack of exhibition areas in the St. Petersburg trade fair premises and its glazed facade attracts our attention at first sight. Two thirds of it consists in steel construction, under which 8,000 m2 of exhibition area is covered. The remaining one third of the exposition hall represents a two-floor monolithic construction, in which 7,000 m2 of office premises are located, a conference hall and other necessary background. PSJ cooperates with the important local company Omega for supplies of the construction works. The entire construction required investment costs of almost USD 14 million.

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