Main Point Pankrác: the little big building

January 23, 2018 - Latest News

Main Point Karlín, the best office building in the world in 2012 according to the MIPIM Awards, now has a younger sibling. The Main Point Pankrác administrative building was built in the tried and tested collaboration of the triangle PSJ INVEST (developer) – DAM architekti (designer) - PSJ (general contractor) next to the skyscrapers of the Pankrác Plain, which is seven kilometres away.

Main Point Pankrác: the little big building

A group of high-rise buildings were gradually built on the Pankrác Plain, with several lower buildings between eight to twelve storeys high - Arkády, City Point and City Green Court - amongst them. Main Point Pankrác builds on these buildings with its material solution, thus concluding the interconnection of the territory of Na Pankráci Street with its counterpart Pujmanové Street. The low-energy building was built on a built-up area of 5,676 m2, and after its November building approval, it offers 24,500 m2 of leasable office and commercial spaces on ten floors and 406 parking spaces on three underground floors.

Main Point Pankrác is the first building of its kind in the world that is capable of absorbing smog and reducing emissions in the air. It is therefore not surprising that it is aspiring to obtain the prestigious LEED certificate at the highest Platinum level. “The specially-designed facade and other parts of the building, which use recently-patented Japanese technologies, remove smog and other pollutants from the surrounding air. The resulting effect is comparable to having planted a park with up to hundreds of trees on site,” explains Jakub Jirka, project manager of developer company PSJ Invest.

The forty-meter-high Main Point Pankrác building, the bearing structure of which is reinforced concrete, is built on a ground plan of five rounded triangles. The distinctively plastic-shaped facade of five materials with its ground-curved shape from the outside creates an interesting and changeable look. This expression is unmistakable and distinctly differs from the somewhat unified flat glass facades of common office buildings, and this solution makes the building clearly distinguishable from other buildings in the area. The casing, shaping of the building and the materialization of its interior are subject to the original concept that the architects imprinted upon it - this is a machine rather than a building – in the form of a precisely machined metal part.

The surrounding skyscraper neighbourhood, which allows for viewing of Main Point Pankrác from above, directly encourages the sensitive “fifth façade” solution of the building, i.e. the roof, and it is therefore designed as a generous sun roof garden that does not contain any part of the technical equipment of the building. The technical equipment of the building is located on the underground floor and partly also on the 1st and 2nd floors above ground.

Another original element of the new building is the north-eastern part of the mass, which rises upon slopes of oblique poles of reinforced concrete columns. Up to a height of two floors above ground, it thereby provides a generous, covered frontal area space advising entrance to the building with an attractive water element. The generous lobby entices visitors with two triplets of panoramic elevators.