Main Point Karlín Office Building, Prague 8

Basic information

Locality: Prague
Contractor: PSJ INVEST, a.s.

Description of project:

In the Prague city quarter of Karlín, near the Hilton Hotel, a building exceptional in many respects has been built. The original Main Point Karlin office building represents an intention of the PSJ INVEST development company. The users of the building, which combines unique and conspicuous architecture with a highly effective and comfortable interior space, include companies of the Vienna Insurance Group – the Kooperativa insurance company and the Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna business insurance company.

The new dominant feature of the Prague 8 skyline with its ten aboveground floors offers 22,000 m2 of variable rental space and 347 parking places in three underground floors. The building employs the most up-to-date cooling and ventilation methods using induction units. The building façade is also exceptional, with its dominating French windows across the floor height interlaid with 3D columns of glass concrete. The building combines a number of environmentally friendly features, such as the use of water taken from a Vltava flush channel located under the building for cooling.

The architectural design of the Main Point Karlin building combines the harmony of organic, soft curves within an otherwise straightforward and systematic architecture. The untraditional round shapes of the building allow for a new approach to the use of the interior and the smooth curve of the facade allows for placement of fully fledged workspaces along the whole perimeter. Working in the building is made more pleasant with a rooftop terrace with cultivated greenery that is accessible year round and offers beautiful views of the historic centre of Prague. Another outspoken advantage is represented by opening windows in all parts of the building and a ventilation and cooling system that has maximum respect for natural air flows. The core of the building is enhanced with an atrium bringing in natural daylight.

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