Facility Management

SCF SERVIS is a company that was set up in 2006 to focus on the physical guarding and technical securing of property and people. Shortly after, the company began supplying new technological wholes, providing servicing work associated with running buildings and the comprehensive administration of commercial properties and apartment buildings. SCF SERVIS employs around 120 members of staff and has revenues of around 70 million koruna. The company’s head office is in Brno and there is a branch in Prague, its activity spreading to almost all major towns and cities in the Czech Republic in recent years.

Prominent clients:


SCF SERVIS, s.r.o.
Špitálka 33, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Director: Michal Rožnovský, MBA
tel: +420 774 799 746
e-mail: office@scfservis.cz
web: www.scfservis.cz