Business – administrative centre Golden Angel

Basic information

Locality: Prague, Czech
Contractor: Anděl development company, s.r.o.

Description of project:

A business-administrative centre “Golden Angel” which became after finishing a core of the development area of the Prague quarter Smíchov, is situated into the heart of Smíchov at the crossroads of streets “Nádražní” and “ Plzeňská”. The author of the project “Golden Angel” is a renowned French architect Mr Jean Nouvel which belongs among the most reputable personalities of the European architectural scene.

“Golden Angel” was built on the total area of approx 26,500 square meters just above the metro station and nearby areas which haven´t been built up yet. This new Smíchov centre has created with 128,000 cubic metres of space surrounded by four different buildings a unique architectural complex offering 13,000 square metres office rooms. The area of approx 7,000 square metres is intended for shops. Two reataurants and 224 indoor parking places are also involved in the complex.
A load-bearing structure of the building is a monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton. Especially the outer shell of the building is high aesthetic standard, where the designer compounds glass, steel and common building materials. The graphic design of the facade with verses of Czech and foreign noted poets with the motif of a human angel from a famous film “The sky above Berlín” by Wenders is a unique work of architecture then.

Also a complete rebuilding of the built-in vestibule of the metro station including its technical equipment was a part of  realization of the construction. Completely new metro station “Angel” was opened for public within only three months. The new vestibule compounds a steel load-bearing structure and monolithic concrete structure, The eye is first caught by its all-glass facade with aluminium load-bearing components There was even a new information centre of the Prague city transport company established there. A restaurant is situated in the superstructure of the metro station and a bar with a terrace is located on the 3rd floor.

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