BB Centre Prague – "C" Buildings

Basic information

Locality: Prague, Czech
Contractor: PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. & PSJ INVEST, a.s.

Description of project:

A new dominant that is impossible to ignore is growing in the prestigious area of Prague 4, close to D1 highway – an administrative and business complex called the BB Centre. Two modern, architecturally outstanding administrative buildings have grown here so far, thanks to a rare, exclusively Czech developer project of the firms of PASSERINVEST GROUP and PSJ INVEST that managed to use to the maximum their experience in the sphere of financing and completion of the construction projects.

The  "C" building is the first phase of the BB Centre. 12,500m2 of large offices and 202 parking places are placed on seven overground and two underground floors. The fact, that the companies such as Hewlett-Packard, 3M or General Electric Capital Services, Radiomobil, and Trane, are the renters, proves the high quality and attractivity of the administrative places. The architectural solution and materials used in the interior guarantee a pleasant working place. A high standard of the finishing and full air-conditioning with controlled humidity give a hallmark of quality to the building.

The  "B" building, which offers 15,000m2 office rooms and 285 parking places on its eight overground and three underground floors, has been completed as the second one. The southern sheating of the building is equipped with a rare double facade and outdoor Venetian blinds which bring an absolute working comfort in the sense of the possibilities of the natural aeration and electronic Venetion blinds control. The advantage f the project, as well as of the "C" building, is the possibility to easily change the division of the rentable space, and an unlimited number of digital telephone lines. The companies of GE Capital Bank, REGUS, and Provident Financial have become the main renters of the new adminidstative building.

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