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Locality: Brno, Czech
Contractor: AZ TOWER a.s.

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Description of project:

AZ Tower is a modern, environmentally friendly and economically efficient building, which is at the time of its completion the highest one in the Czech Republic with its height of 111 meters. An eye-catching orange-white giant, dominating the southern suburbs of Brno, offers over 17,000 m2 of retail, office and residential space. There is created  9.000 m2 of office area, 4.000 m2 of shop area and 17 apartments in sizes from 64 to 215 square meters for those who are interested in luxury living. Two underground floors can accommodate 272 cars.

Despite its massive size the skyscraper looks unusually slim and elegant. AZ Tower is distinguished by its environmental friendliness. The building features natural ventilation of offices and apartments in the tower - in addition to the normally openable windows, tenants of the offices can take advantage of the night cooling and increased air exchange. Heating and air conditioning is also unique by using heat pumps utilizing large diameter piles on which the building is based. The most advanced elevator technology uses electrical energy recovery and elevator control system minimizes power consumption. South facade is covered with photovoltaic panels with total capacity of 90kW.

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