Company presentation

PSJ was established in 1990 and together with its holding group of companies gradually became one of the biggest construction groups in Central Europe. We are involved in general contracting involving civil engineering and transport structures, development, selected building trades and supplies of technological wholes. We will provide you with comprehensive turnkey projects, from the design stage and a study of the structure to occupancy approval proceedings and the handover of a functioning work.

Significant building work

Did you know that we are behind the reconstruction of the Municipal House, the construction of a significant part of the BB Centrum, the building of the Zlatý Anděl complex, the construction of the award-winning Main Point Karlin and the highest building in the Czech Republic, AZ TOWER? PSJ has also been involved in the successful construction of the most complex and most prestigious buildings in the Czech Republic and abroad. We are also involved in our own development projects, concentrating mainly on the construction of commercial buildings and residential units. Appreciation of our buildings is witnessed in the fact they have been presented with MIPIM Awards and the Emporis Skycraper Award abroad and have also enjoyed some remarkable success and received awards in the Czech Republic.

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A socially responsible companyfirma

As a stable and successful company, we have a sense of social responsibility to our surroundings. We try to integrate social and environmental issues in everyday company activities. In addition to a variety of charity projects, we set up and are the main partner to the Jindřich and Ička Waldes Foundation, which concentrates on helping children with special learning needs and involving them in everyday life. We also offer considerable support to cultural and sporting life, living by the motto that our action speaks louder than words.

Our CSR activities.

PSJ as a prominent employer

Our work on the Czech building market of over twenty years means that there are few companies that understand the market in the same way we do. As a result of the fact that we want to use all the options we have available to us, one of our priorities is to support our employees in improving their qualifications and achieving personal growth, given that the work they do so well is the building block of success throughout the group. The PSJ group current employs over 1,350 members of staff and we look forward to working with other talented individuals.

Building projects in 26 countries of the world

PSJ has also made efforts to break into foreign markets since the very outset. Business outside the Czech Republic is one of the company’s strategic aims and creates the potential for onward growth. It has thus far been involved in construction contracts in twenty-six countries throughout the world, in that it sees its priority markets as Slovakia, Tunisia, Southeast Asia and primarily Russia and other countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States.

Projects abroad.